Mobile version of Chrome has a billion users

While smartphone makers such as Samsung and Apple install their own web browsers on their devices, Google Chrome users are still using Google Chrome on their devices. The American concern has just announced that every month a billion mobile device owners use this popular tool.

Despite the presence in the market of several types of web browsers designed for mobile devices, the vast majority of smartphone and tablet owners prefer to use Chrome, Google’s most successful tool.

According to the latest report of the US giant, every month this browser uses over one billion people on the Android and iOS platforms.

The browser’s popularity stems not only from the fact that it is a stable, functional and secure tool, but also because it enables data synchronization between your home PC and mobile devices. You do not have to create bookmarks and history of viewed pages for the second time, as these items can be moved.

It’s worth adding that the popularity of the browser is steadily growing, as last year Mountain View reported 800 million users, so it appears that 200 million new users have appeared in just six months, and this is an impressive achievement.

By the way, we learned that the one billion people using Chrome now load 771 billion web pages a month, and with autocomplete, users do not need to type 500 billion characters every month. Google also reports that each month, 2 million gigabytes of data is written to the data, and 3.6 billion pages are automatically translated.

The Chinese strike the pirate side

The Chinese government is getting more and more serious about piracy. As part of its anti-piracy campaign last summer, more than 290 content-sharing sites have been closed so far.

China has been seen so far as a country with a very loose approach to intellectual property and copyright. Now, however, this approach is changing and China is increasingly fighting piracy. This also applies to the distribution of illegal files.

In the summer of last year, the anti-piracy campaign launched called Jian Wang 2016, which gives very positive results. So far, we have successfully closed 290 websites distributing copyrighted content and 33 cases ended up in court.

The authorities also dealt with disks in the cloud, which were often used to distribute pirated content. Many operators of such services, after charges from the government, decided to close the deal.

One of the companies that has also become the target of law enforcement activities is Qihoo 360, one of China’s largest digital disks. Her boss has announced that she will suspend the sharing of accounts to private individuals because they are used to distribute pirated material. Company representatives have confirmed that they will delete all private data in February.

NASA wants to revive Kepler’s telescope

US space agency engineers have a bold plan to restore the Kepler telescope abandoned in August this year. If successful, you will be able to continue searching in the cosmos of planets similar to ours.

In August of this year, NASA officially completed Kepler’s mission of observing a specific stretch of the sky and searching for planets that could develop life. The telescope just broke down, and its repair was impossible.

For observing the universe, the device used four reaction wheels to precisely position the telescope in three dimensions (one was spare). Unfortunately, two of them have been damaged, making the equipment completely useless because without them it can no longer be positioned in certain areas of the universe.

Many scientists were disappointed with the premature failure of the telescope, and although it was working on its successor right away, it would not be operational before 2017. Fortunately, Ball Aerospace engineers have been able to develop an innovative method for avoiding breakdowns with the Sun. The first tests conducted by NASA promise promisingly, which gives hope for the restoration of hardware functionality.

The method is to bombard the photons of the telescope’s solar panels in the right direction, resulting in a small force acting on the device. If the telescope is in position, the force generated, in combination with the other two reaction wheels, can be used for positioning Kepler.

Elon Musk will repair Australia’s power grid

Tesla is increasingly involved in renewable energy projects. The billionaire offered to the Australian authorities that they would solve their electricity supply problems.

Tesla’s chief executive, following a recent acquisition of SolarCity, is increasingly involved in power generation projects. A few days ago he announced that with PowerPack batteries, he would be supplying energy to one of the Hawaiian Islands 24 hours a day. Now he has set himself an even more ambitious task to tackle the Australian power supply problem.

The southern part of the continent has huge energy problems. The shortages in power supply in the state of frequent blackouts, which as you can guess, make life difficult for both ordinary people and entrepreneurs. Elon Musk believes that he is able to cope with this problem and suggested to the Australian Government that it would solve it within 100 days.

The billionaire intends to do so, by installing a large number of battery packs. Interestingly, the idea is a kind of challenge. Musk has guaranteed that if he fails to repair the power supply within 100 days, then he will deliver 100 MW of power for free. They will store energy and make it available to consumers when there is a power outage from the power plant.

The Australian government has, on its own initiative, been working on similar solutions for electricity storage. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has recently donated $ 450,000 to EnergyAustralia, which will develop a water storage system based on Spencer’s hydroelectric power station.

Saturn’s northern lights dance

Ultraviolet and infrared images captured by the Hubble telescope and Cassini spacecraft obscured the polar zombies over Saturn’s poles. The aurora borealis on the sixth planet from the sun acts on the same principle as on Earth: charged particles traveling with the solar wind fall into the atmosphere of the planet, which can be accompanied by spectacular visions above the poles, especially when a stronger “blast” occurs. This happened on April 5 and May 20 last year.

Although images may be visually unimaginable, the mere fact that human technology has allowed for years to record phenomena on distant celestial bodies (impossible from the surface of the Earth) should not be left indifferent.

Project Loon will cover the entire planet

Google has a very ambitious plan for its latest project called Project Loon. As Mike Cassidy, the vice president of the media, said, the American corporation would like to extend its reach throughout the world next year by offering access to networks where there is no standard infrastructure.

Project Loon is one of the latest initiatives by Google that aims to provide network access where it is not available in a standard way. The aim of the project is to place around 20 km of balloons equipped with relays that will transmit the Internet signal from terrestrial transmitters via satellite, thus providing a transfer rate of 10 Mbps.

Mike Cassidy, vice president of Project Loon in a media interview, explained that Google plans to extend the entire project to the planet next year. To achieve this goal, about 300 balloons will be needed, which will ensure uninterrupted transmission, because even if one of the balloons is pushed by the wind, others will be able to replace it.

So far, Google is implementing its project in Indonesia, where only 1 in 3 people have access to the network. Taking into account that there are over 250 million people living there, this gives a very large number of people without internet. The situation is further hampered by the fact that Indonesia is an island nation consisting of an archipelago of 17,000 islands, so internet providers have a particularly difficult task there.

The new status code will inform you about the censored site

A new status code will be added to the global Internet soon, which will join existing ones, which indicate that the site is not viewable or blocked. The newest website will inform the internet users, which has been censored.

People using the global network are well aware of error status codes, the most common of which is Error 404, which indicates that a page can not be displayed. Of course, there are many more, and Error Error 503 reports that the service is not available, while Error 403 is blocking access for an unauthorized user.

They will soon be joined by another status code, which will be Error 451. This code will inform the user that the page that he plans to visit has been censored. The causes of such censorship can be very different, such as court action, or publication of materials that are not in accordance with applicable law.

Blue Origin has produced a new engine

Blue Oasis, a space-saving company, has just confirmed the completion of a completely new rocket engine. The BE-4 engine, which has already been fully assembled, is the result of six years of research.

The rivalry between SpaceX and Amazon founder Amazone is getting more and more fierce, and soon the race for space conquest will gain momentum. Bezos has confirmed on his Twitter completion of the new BE-4 rocket engine, which will be used in future missions.

This engine will drive a brand new, three-piece New Glenn 2 rocket. Like the predecessor of New Shepard, it is a reusable rocket and its first member, after each flight, can return to the landing site alone. BE-4 engines will drive first and second-stage boosters, while older phase BE-3 engines will use the third phase.

As for coffee, there are no compromises

It awakens, revitalizes, is full of “antimycotics” (confirmed in medical journals) and “fitocamtam”. Real coffee No substitutes scraped after drying can not replace it. How early in the morning to ensure a perfect cup of black liquid? Or maybe a subtle foam in a cup of aromatic joy? You have to have a decent miller.

Coffee beans give the most flavor when crushed and not chopped. That is why all professional coffee machines are equipped with a grinder mill that allows you to adjust the thickness of the ground beans to the taste of the cauliflower.

Another important element in the pressure machine is the value of the compression to which the water is subjected. Getting out of the dense sieve in the espresso reaches every crumb of ground coffee. As a result, the dense, wonderful fluid from which coffee is made is wonderful.

A very interesting Intelia Metal One-Touch Cappuccino machine, which not only prepares espresso with fantastic beige foam but offers variants of coffee with milk, is on offer at Philips. One button triggers the cappuccino or late production process.

Amazon open to cooperation with cable

Amazon has been producing its own content for years on the Internet. The American corporation would like to increase its audience in the future, so it is open to cooperation with cable companies.

Perhaps soon the content available on Amazon Prime Video will be available in a completely new way. During a conference in Brussels, cable operators Alex Green, managing director of Amazon Video, have revealed some of the company’s plans to distribute the content.

Amazon no longer wants to limit itself to the Internet and is open to collaborating with cable TV. The company would like to use their decoders to stream their own content from Amazon Prime Video.

However, this is not just a concept idea, as the American concern is already taking steps to bring it about. Unofficially speaking, Liberty Global is the first European cable operator that may be interested in such cooperation. The company already offers more than 100 different applications in its decoders, such as Netflix and YouTube, so it would be happy to take another.